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Immersion in the heart of the vineyards

Domaine de Pouypardin - Stéphane PICARELLI - 06 73 67 31 22
Condom, Mezin road, Grazimis plateau 10 minutes walk from the Chalets.
6 hectares of exceptional terroir for Côtes de Gascogne Blancs and Rouge.
Visit the cellars and vineyards. Red wines unanimously recognized as wines of high quality. All production is manual, as well as the harvest. Every Thursday of the summer, the meal of the Domain.
We recommend: The entire red amazing range of typicity and diversity for all tastes! And then the brilliance and the secret of Alessia in white. How to make a choice?

Armagnac Le Courrejot- Patrick Giacosa - 06 76 74 61 70
Condom - exit of borough direction Nérac, in the roundabout on the right, follow the signs.
Patrick is an autarkic producer who raises 10 Ha of vines, produces his white wine and distills directly in his domain. It has a tasting room to discover its vintage Armagnac typed Ténarèze.
We recommend: The whole of its range of Armagnac is seductive as much for the amateurs of powerful armagnacs as Armagnacs 'on the fruit', slightly vanilla, or wooded ... To discover without waiting.

Domaine de Magnaut - Jean-Marie TERRAUBE - 05 62 29 45 40
In Fourcès direction Mézin
45 ha family estate awarded annually at various shows for its white wines, red, Flocs of Gascony or Armagnac. The domain has obtained the qualification HVE High Environmental Value.
80% of white grape varieties.
We recommend :The balance of Manseng (100% Gros Manseng) and the Tannat in red.

Château Gensac - Eric QUAIRE - 05 62 28 43 94

At Condom road from Agen.
Estate owned by a passionate Swiss Horses family that presents a simple range of fine character wines.
We recommend: The red Piaffer (Tannat, Syrah, Malbec, Merlot, Fer savadou)

The cooperative cellar of Condom - 05 62 69 62 87
In Condom, the cellar offers a wide range of Plaimont wines, reflecting the richness of our viticultural heritage in Gascony.

Domaine de Séailles - Laurent Lefevre - 05 62 28 44 03
Close to the Château de Larressingle, pioneer of organic agriculture in the region.
We recommend: Presto reds and especially Orfeo (Cabernet Sauvignon) or Orfeo Blanc.

Domaine de Chiroulet - 05 62 28 02 21
Larroque on the osse - Condom, route de Mézin
60 Ha for a domain of renown and reference in Ténarèze for its range of white wines, red wines, floc and Armagnac.

Domaine de Laxé - 05 62 29 42 49
Fourcès - arrived at the village, follow the road to Mézin.
Domain being converted to Bio on 60 ha with 2/3 of white varieties and 1/3 of reds.

Domaine de la Haille - 06 77 11 08 37
Montreal du Gers, take direction Fourcès
A beautiful range of wines of traditions of Côte de Gascogne.
We recommend :The Hugo or Fanny cuvée (Merlot and Syrah).

Domaine des Cassagnoles - 05 62 28 40 57 - Laure Baumann
In Mouchan - Gondrin road
Certified High Environmental Value since 2016, this area of 60 ha is recognized in Sustainable Agriculture. It produces a very wide range of white and red wines but also Armagnac and 'bubbles'.

Domaine des Remparts - Silas Marcellin - 05 62 28 39 30
Condom - the bourdillet - Grazimis
Family property of 120 Ha. This is one of the large estates of Côtes de Gascogne, well known for its 2 ranges "Sur un R Gascon" and the "Gouttes de Lunes" range.

Domaine d'Arton - 05 62 68 84 33
Lectoure - road to miradoux
Estate of 50 Ha well known for its red wine La Croix d'Arton.

Domaine du Rey - Claude Almayrac - 05 62 29 11 85
Between Gondrin and Roques.
A full range of white, red and Armagnac wines for this 26 ha estate.

Domaine de Pomès Pébérère - Family FAGET - 05 62 28 11 53
Condom direction Fourcès.
Producer specializing in Flocs de Gascogne, Armagnac and Armagnac vintage.

Domaine Horgelus - Yoann Le Menn - 05 62 09 95 94
Place said Cassou - Montreal Gers Route of Brittany Armagnac.
This is a 90 hectare estate that produces a full range of white and red wines in IGP Côtes de Gascogne.

Domaine Saint Lannes - Vineyards Duffour -
Lagraulet du Gers
70 hectare estate producing white, red and Armagnac wines.

Field of Embidoure- Sandrine and Nathalie Ménégazzo - 05 62 65 28 92
A castéra verduzan, direction Fleurance.
30 ha of vineyards at 80% red: merlot, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, egiodola, gamay, tannat and syrah