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Our local partners

The farm Hitton, Biran
Go on a discovery of an organic farm, breeding donkeys of the Pyrenees and production of lavender. Try their donkey milk soaps and their essential oils, you will become addicts!
Visit of the farm and participation in the milking of the donkeys.

Martin Neuf Farm in Condom
An autarkic farm, raising its ducks and black pigs, and producing its own canned food.
Go to meet their animals and enjoy their products, you will be conquered!
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The Domaine de Pouypardin, in Grazimis
When you enter the vineyard, you immediately feel the love of a job well done, the "everything in hand" with precision, know-how and conviction.
Their wines are excellent, Cotes de Gascogne 2 steps from the cottages, you can even visit them on foot!

La Ferme de Laillon, in Condom
Preserve is a mastered technique, the "pink" packaging will allow you to identify the different terrines of La Ferme de Laillon.

Apis Gasconis, in La Romieu
Honey is a family affair ...
The apiaries of Coursiana are 600 hives in the middle of a magnificent botanical garden.

The Hustet Farm
"It's not today that we do in the duck ...", so come discover their products, and enjoy to meet the different species of animals that have been warmly welcomed in this closed.

When the love of wine is linked to the love of horses, it gives excellent wines, which you will discover by visiting the castle.

The cellar has remained "in its own juice" with its old barrels and wood smells ... it's authentic and we like it!
Discover their Armagnacs and their Gascon aperitif!

The Armagnac of Château le Courréjot
Armagnac, told with passion ...
Visit the cellar and discover how the still works!

The Domaine de Magnault
It is good to walk in the vineyards on the side of Fourcès, the range of their wines is varied, there is something for everyone!

Culinary land
Because our favorite heart of Brittany deserved to arrive in Gascony, and we could not keep it just for us ..., taste the jars of vegetables cooked by Soizic, it's divine!

Maalish & Angi
Clotilde knows how to adapt to each client, she is listening to everyone, to offer a personalized massage. Let yourself be tempted by a massage in your cottage, no need to move, Clotilde comes to you!

The kitchen garden of Baïse
Good fruits and vegetables that grow in Condom, grown with passion, hum it's good!
Find them on the markets, in Condom but not only ...